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Mitsukoshi BGC
Mitsukoshi BGC

Throughout the four seasons in Japan, and for 350 years now, MITSUKOSHI has been the constant companion of Japanese consumers. Then, now, and into the future, it continues to offer inspiring solutions and innovative proposals that enhance the consumers’ lifestyle globally.

This July, MITSUKOSHI BGC celebrates its grand opening inspired by Matsuri, a traditional festival that give thanks to its deities through dances, shows, parades, food, and drinks. Filipinos can experience this traditional Matsuri without leaving the country by visiting MITSUKOSHI BGC from July 21 to 31.

The grand affair started on the 21st with a formal inauguration ceremony inspired by Japanese traditions and customs. This was led by Federal Land Inc. Chairman Alfred Ty; Nomura Real Estate Holdings (NRE) Chair Eiji Kutsukake; and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. Director, President and CEO Toshiyuki Hosoya; together with guests of honor Vice President Sara Duterte and Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Kazuhiko Koshikawa.

Federal Land Chairman, Alfred Ty, shares, “The successful launch of the four towers of The Seasons Residences, along with the grand opening of MITSUKOSHI BGC, is the fulfillment of imagination and possibilities. It is a culmination of a journey and also the beginning of more exciting innovation and offerings in the country’s first MITSUKOSHI branch.”

NRE Chair, Eiji Kutsukake, furthers, “When we expanded our business overseas in 2017, we started with the vision of bringing a piece of Japan to the Philippines. Our partnership with Federal Land allowed us to realize this vision and grow it even further. To our joy, we witnessed the success of MITSUKOSHI BGC as a Japanese mall loved by the community. We hope that this affinity continues to grow as we strive to contribute more and more to the development of BGC and the Philippines.”

Another milestone in celebration of 350 years of MITSUKOSHI

This year, MITSUKOSHI commemorates 350 years of continued service. Its iconic name has become ingrained in the very fiber of Japanese culture, symbolizing the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

MITSUKOSHI began in 1673 as a kimono store as “Echigoya” in Nihombashi, Japan. Today, it is operating globally with stores beyond its homeland – penetrating the thriving markets of Taiwan, North America, and the Philippines.

As the Philippines’ first Japanese shopping mall, MITSUKOSHI BGC shares the very best of Japanese lifestyle to the Philippines with a grand festival featuring food, fashion, music, the arts, and various cultural hallmarks Filipinos love about Japan.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. Director, President and CEO, Toshiyuki Hosoya, expands, “After 350 years of service globally, we will continue our legacy by introducing a wide range of ‘Japan’ to Filipino customers and bring innovations to the Filipino market. Indeed, MITSUKOSHI BGC bridges the Philippines with Japan. Following our lifelong philosophy, we aim to enrich our customer’s lifestyles by putting them first and having ‘the mind of a true heart.’”

Just by its interiors, MITSUKOSHI BGC transports mall goers to Japan. Upon entering, guests are immersed in distinct elements of traditional Japanese design, with floors that mimic a cobbled road approaching a shrine and the attention-grabbing monument dubbed as “Joining Hands”, another symbol of the Philippine-Japanese ties. Meanwhile, guarding the entrance of the mall along 8th Ave. is the iconic MITSUKOSHI Lion, an emblematic statue first seen outside of Japan.

Now, everyone can experience the best of Japan at MITSUKOSHI BGC. So come and experience the next Manila lifestyle!

New brands and exciting offerings at MITSUKOSHI BGC

In time for the grand opening, two of Japan’s beloved fashion labels are now debuting in the country at MITSUKOSHI BGC. SNIDEL and FRAY I.D offer stylephiles and career women sophisticated outfits with a Japanese flair. The two brands are known to bridge modernism, functionality, and art with their concept and design.

Beauty enthusiasts can flock to Shiseido, KANEBO, or MITSUKOSHI Beauty to restock on their holy grail drugstore and luxury J-beauty brands. Some brands like Waphyto, E STANDARD, and LA CASTA are also making their debut in the country at MITSUKOSHI Beauty. Guests can also stop by KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty, a nail-lash-and-hair salon popular among celebrities and Manila’s elite.

Foodies can travel to Japan gastronomically at KEY COFFEE, which offers beverages from one of Japan’s oldest roasters. Dining here is also an experience—it is a kissaten, which combines a jazz speakeasy and a coffee shop.

Delighting matcha lovers, drop by THE MATCHA TOKYO, a Japanese cafe that specializes in beverages using 100% organic matcha.

Patrons can also visit the basement where the depachika, food markets traditionally found in Japanese department stores, are located. For authentic Japanese goods and hard-to-find delicacies like frozen fish and sashimi air-freighted from Japan, guests can stop by MITSUKOSHI FRESH. Travelers who miss Japanese pastries and delicious ready-to-eat rice meals often found at Japanese convenience stores can relive the experience by shopping at MITSUKOSHI FRESH.

There’s also a place for Japanese arts and literature. Kinokuniya Bookstore x Fully Booked offers Filipinos opportunities to explore this aspect of Japanese life. In fact, half its shelves are dedicated to Japanese books and manga in both Japanese and English.

The mall also houses a wide array of local and international brands and restaurants both familiar and new to Filipinos, and is set to open new concepts that are sure to elevate lifestyle choices.

Grand Opening Promos and Activities

Join MITSUKOSHI BGC as it celebrates its grand opening with a two week-long Matsuri for a unique and distinctly Japanese experience – starting with opening day, where visitors will be treated to a traditional Taiko drum performance.

From July 21 to 31, visitors can engage in exciting activities during the themed Matsuris taking place in different areas of the mall. One of which is the Tanabata Matsuri located on the ground floor, featuring a captivating wish tree. Patrons will have the opportunity to write their sincere wishes on cards and hang them on the tree, becoming part of this cherished tradition.

Indulge in a truly immersive Japanese experience by renting a yukata (a cotton kimono) at designated areas with seasonal decorations. For every single or accumulated receipt amounting to Php 2,000, visitors can enjoy the opportunity to don a yukata and capture memorable photos.

Last July 21, the renowned Japanese café % Arabica featured the expertise of their Global Master Baristas Allen Chua, Kobe Lee, and Rubio. As an added bonus, the first transaction was rewarded with a Water Tumbler, the first 100 transactions received % Arabica Stickers, the 500th transaction received a Camper Mug, the 1000th transaction earned a 20oz Tumbler, and the lucky last transaction was gifted a Tote Bag.

Make sure to visit the Pocky booth in MITSUKOSHI BGC and participate in the Glico activation. Choose Route 1: make a purchase, have your photo taken with a souvenir, like and share the Pocky/Glico page for extra rewards. Or go for Route 2: donate pre-loved books and receive a free Pocky/Pretzel balloon and one Pocky treat. Additionally, on July 29, fish and sashimi enthusiasts won’t want to miss the exhilarating Tuna Dismantling activity.

Don’t miss the chance to win a trip to Japan for two, including a 4-night, 5-day stay with breakfast, round-trip tickets, and airport transportation, by indulging in a delightful shopping and dining experience at MITSUKOSHI BGC. From July 21 to August 14, every purchase of Php 1,000 or more in single or accumulated receipts from any MITSUKOSHI BGC store grants you an entry into the raffle. Simply validate your receipt at the redemption booth, complete a raffle coupon, and submit it along with the validated receipt.

There’s also something for J-beauty enthusiasts! Visitors can also enjoy the week-long Grand Opening Sale. Enjoy discounts at up to 50% off and catch specialty and limited edition items. Shiseido is giving away gifts worth PHP1,943 for the first 100 customers who shop at their Mitsukoshi store. With any purchase, receive power duo Eudermine Activating Essence 30mL and their best-selling Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate 10mL for free.

MITSUKOSHI BGC aims to elevate the Filipino’s shopping experience with its curated retailers, modern Japanese designs, and world-renowned hospitality. Don’t miss out. Join the grand opening and experience the new Manila lifestyle at MITSUKOSHI BGC!

To know the latest about MITSUKOSHI BGC visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram page. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a slice of Japan in the heart of BGC. Learn more about The Seasons Residences. Visit The Seasons Residences website or email to schedule a private viewing at the showroom located at 7th Avenue corner 34th Street, Grand Central Park, BGC.


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