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Investing in the Manila Bay Area

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

With foreign investors boosting its growth, the potential is almost endless for Manila Bay Area. This part of the metro is seeing sustained transformation and growth, as residential and commercial properties continue to thrive in this prime location.

Real estate developer Federal Land, Inc. (FLI) continues to invest heavily in this area with various developments that are seen to stimulate economic and social activities to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos, especially as strong post-pandemic recovery is within sight.

“We have always seen the potential of Manila Bay Area as a location that provides the convenience of having everything within reach, as well as the dramatic views of sun and sea as a backdrop. This city within a city is an urban gem that we are committed to further enhance with integrated developments that also have high property value appreciation rates,” Federal Land, Inc. sales group head Margarita Saenz-Resurrecci