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Foster + partners’ tips to elevating personal spaces

The bedroom: arguably the most important spaces in a home—where one attains respite after a long day at work and where one can unapologetically block out the noise from the rest of the world.

Since the bedroom is a private and personal space, a lot of attention is paid to making it into an expression of one’s self—whether it be through decoration, or the lack thereof, focusing more on comfort and warmth. For Pritzker Award-winning British Firm, Foster + Partners, bigger is not necessarily better. “It is more important to measure the usability and comfort, the primacy of views, amount of daylight, adequate shading and privacy—all of which are fundamental aspects when it comes to the design of a bedroom,” says Roland Schnizer, senior architect at Foster + Partners.

Of Use and Comfort

While the internet is inundated with ideas for the “perfect bedroom”, one has to realize the truly “perfect” bedroom is one that is well-utilized and comfortable enough to host days of lying in bed watching movies on your favorite streaming service. In elevating the personal space, Foster + Partners recommends taking note of habitual actions prior to imposing a personal style: do you like to read in bed? Which side of the bed do you wake up in? What is your morning routine? The answers to questions like these inform the form your space will take.

In The Estate Makati, Foster + Partners’ premiere development in the Philippines, well-organized cabinets and shelving systems have been integrated with the façade to maximize storage and floor space inside the bedroom, ticking off one to-do from their homeowners’ long list of considerations. The Estate Makati gives prospective residents an efficient base on which they can project their dream interiors.

Light and Shadow

While mood lighting sets the tone in one’s bedroom, sunlight is one light source that cannot be ignored in terms of laying out a bedroom. While it is nice to be naturally awaken by the sunrise in the mornings, one cannot forget with light comes heat; and in a tropical country like the Philippines, it comes with a lot of it. Finding the optimal position of the bed is key, as well as figuring out how daylight occupies the space.

A carefully considered proportion and positioning of walls to windows in The Estate Makati units maximize views and daylight, while offering the right degree of enclosure and privacy. Each window residents will look out of gives them an optimized and framed view of the dynamic Makati skyline, from any side of the building.

Texture Play

One key element Foster + Partners made sure to explore in The Estate Makati units is the tactile experience. “We have used natural and warm materials in the bedroom such as, natural timber flooring with soft upholstery with warm colours, contrasting them with the sleeker materiality of the living spaces,” says Schnizer. The contrast gives homeowners the ability to separate personal living spaces versus the more public parts of the home. Having warmer and natural materials in the bedroom triggers a relaxation response from the brain, allowing homeowners to feel truly relaxed in their homes.

While this is purely subjective to each homeowner, one should get to know the textures which make them feel comforted and cozy and fill their bedrooms with these; may it be a fine Persian rug or silk sheets.

The Future of the Elevated Home Experience

The Estate Makati is set to occupy the last parcel of land on Apartment Ridge, raising the benchmark for the Filipino luxury living experience. Built with sustainability and flexibility in mind, it will challenge prospective homeowners to redefine the relationship between form and function. With double slab technology that allow you to alter the layout of your entire home at will from electricals to plumbing, high ceilings, and a column-less volume to maximise space, each unit allows for creativity to run free, letting homeowners decide which forms will fit perfectly with their functions.

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