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A lifestyle of elegance and efficiency

The soon-to-rise the Seasons Residences will feature innovative bathroom and kitchen solutions from INAX.

MANILA, Philippines — The Japanese have long adhered to a simple, elegant and efficient lifestyle. In their vernacular, it can be described as shibui, which translates to “a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.” The shibui is reflective in their arts, fashion, food, even architecture and interior design.

This essential Japanese quality, will soon be experienced by Filipinos as INAX, the leading sanitary brand in Japan, offers innovative bathroom and kitchen solutions at the soon-to-rise The Seasons Residences, a four-tower flagship residential development that brings together the expertise of world-class developers, Federal Land Inc., Nomura Real Estate Development Co. and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

“INAX and The Season Residences share the same vision of embodying the Japanese way of living. This partnership is one that we are very excited about as it gives us an opportunity to fulfill that vision by providing bathroom and kitchen solutions to The Season Residences units, which highlights Japanese efficiency and elegance,” said Arch. Gilbert Berba, head of urban planning and design group for Federal Land.

Inspired by Japan’s four seasons—active spring, breezy summer, creative autumn and dreamy winter, The Seasons Residences will offer a detailed masterpiece of Japanese concepts reflected in its units, consisting of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites.

Residents of the Seasons Residences can look forward to highly advanced Japanese spalets from INAX.

Each unit features Japanese technology, which extends even to the kitchens and bathrooms. With the Seasons Residences’ partnership with INAX, residents can enjoy highly-advanced Japanese spalets that feature various models: Satis S integrated spalet, Grosso toilet model paired with X-Treme wall-mounted e-spalet seat and toilet model 1008 with manual spalet seat.

These models boast modern, minimalist designs and are made out of INAX’s breakthrough technology, the Aqua Ceramic, which effectively allows the rinse water to penetrate beneath wastes which may have attached to the ceramic, lifts it with the power of water and flushes it away.

Moreover, this super-hydrophilic material integrates with the ceramic surface, enabling toilets to retain their shine for 100 years. Some of the important features of these spalets are the automated functions on the integrated and electronic spalets which can be conveniently activated with a control panel.

Meanwhile, exclusive to Satis S is the Plasmacluster technology which releases positive and negative ions that can reach all corners of the toilet, effectively inhibiting planktonic mold in the toilet and maintaining clean and fresh air. Further maximizing Plasmacluster is the Room Refresh function which uses said ions to refresh even the toilet surroundings at a preferred time each day.

The Seasons Residences incorporates INAX Ecocarat tiles and INAX’s Double Support Kitchen Sink in every unit.

The Seasons Residences also incorporates in the units framed INAX Ecocarat tiles, which add refreshing imagery using natural materials. But aside from aesthetics, these tiles feature pores that enable moisture-regulating performance and effective absorption of harmful airborne matters.

Extending convenience to the kitchens is INAX’s Double Support Kitchen Sink with a creative sink bottom which features Niagara Flow to curb the spreading of water and smoothly drain waste and food residue.

Unique to the product is its ability to maximize space through a number of accessories installed such as drainer baskets for various uses, and a chopping board and its holder. It is paired with a heavy-duty, multi-purpose kitchen pull-out faucet.

The Seasons Residences will rise alongside the towering and glittering Grand Hyatt Manila at the heart of Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City within Federal Land’s 10-hectare masterplanned development, Grand Central Park.


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