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Mitsukoshi BGC: To Serve You a Slice of Japan as the New Lifestyle Destination

Projected as the ‘Next Manila Lifestyle’, Mitsukoshi’s first outlet in the Philippines opens its doors to the metro at Taguig City

Over time, more Filipinos grew interested in the Land of the Rising Sun and its rich culture. Home of the soaring Mt. Fuji, picturesque cherry blossoms, stylish kimonos and yukatas, Japan is recognised around the world as a top destination for tourists and enthusiasts who wish to experience its plenty of customs, familiarise themselves with the technological advancements that take place within the country, and those who enjoy its food and art. A lot can especially relate to the latter when it comes to Japan’s sushi, ramen, anime and manga.

But for the Filipinos who are yet to explore the wondrous and authentic encounters the Asian country has to offer, fret not! One of the largest department store groups in Japan and a Japanese real estate giant together with the country’s trusted real estate developer brings the discovery closer to you instead. Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Philippines’ Federal Land Inc., bridge the gap through a four-tower building that reverberates all the delight from Japan. In Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, the eight years in the making plan comes to life as the newest lifestyle shopping mall: Mitsukoshi BGC.

Mitsukoshi BGC Entrance with the lucky Mitsukoshi Lion

Nomura Real Estate Development general manager of overseas business Masaya Hirao, Mitsukoshi BGC General Manager Mitsunori Morohoshi, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Division manager of overseas real estate Akio Inuishi, Federal Land Chairman Alfred Ty, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano, Federal Land President Tom Mirasol, and Nomura Real Estate Development executive officer Yusuke Hirano

In its soft opening last November 17, the executives of Mitsukoshi BGC graced the red carpet as they talked about the overflowing history of how the idea of bringing Mitsukoshi to the Philippines was merely a dream and expressed their resilience of going through challenges specifically at the time of the pandemic. The persistence and passion behind Mitsukoshi BGC stood out headstrong among the appreciative crowd.

While the mall was introduced, its supermarket and health and wellness lines were also made known. Mitsukoshi Beauty and Mitsukoshi Fresh are the highly anticipated titles that Mitsukoshi aims to share with Filipinos. The former holds a promise of convenience and accessibility to the cosmetics yet to debut in the Philippines, and the latter carries popular local brands of Japanese goods and rare delicacies that guarantee a feast for your senses.

Mitsukoshi Fresh is mainly set up for shoppers to gain an in-depth feel of Japan’s godly treats. With food kiosks around every corner and alleys of categorised needs and wants, Mitsukoshi Fresh is dedicated to fulfilling your grocery routines and adventures by providing appealing and interactive areas, and new supplies of refreshments and meals that will now be at arm's reach at the Basement of Mitsukoshi BGC. Aside from Isetan Mitsukoshi The Food’s collection, you may want to check out their Liquor aisle where there will be a display of Japan’s famous sake and shochu, a must-try and new addition to celebrations.

Mitsukoshi Fresh

Mitsukoshi mall's renowned products of essentials with the theme “Be Essential, Be You” houses Mitsukoshi Beauty on the ground floor. Japanese skincare inevitably makes its way to our domain and influences us to feel good and be beautiful while promoting health and wellness. Apart from the Japan-sourced names such as E STANDARD, Waphyto and La CASTA, familiars Momo Puri and Dr Teal’s are at arm’s length as well.

Mitsukoshi Beauty, in partnership with Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty, awaits you with curated salon services, style, and fashion trend surprises. The best-kept secrets of Manila’s elites are now available to all.

Mitsukoshi Beautty

It won’t be perfect if there are no Japanese traditions. During the soft opening, the grand reveal of the lucky Mitsukoshi Lion topped off the so-called microphone performance. Before the announcement done through the microphone commenced, the unmasking of the symbolic lion wowed the audience with its story. It is the first time the Mitsukoshi Lion was brought out of Japan and blessed the 56th outlet of Mitsukoshi and the Philippines’ first to welcome visitors. There is also a belief that touching the lion’s feet brings profound blessings, which is another thing to look forward to for superstitious Filipinos.

Similarly, Mitsukoshi mall’s design and distinct artistry was equally rejoiced for its striking Japanese theme. Japanese designer Asao Tokolo showcased his prominently global skills and aesthetics for Mitsukoshi BGC from the architecture to its design, by featuring a modern take on the traditional Japanese hemp leaf which signifies the diverse connections and union between Japan and the Philippines. The ”Joining Hands” monument, “Tori-niwa”, a street garden, and “Sando”, a road approaching a shrine or temple are some of the many elements and structures in the mall led by Nomura Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese interior design company that was hailed for its visible success.

Last but not least, Mitsukoshi BGC is devoted to gifting Filipinos with the omotenashiexperience. It is Mitsukoshi’s worldwide commitment to exceptional service and extensive care to cater to the satisfaction of the Mitsukoshi malls’ guests.

Many more are in store for the whole Mitsukoshi experience. Several tenants such as The Matcha Tokyo, Key Coffee, Prologue, Ikinari Steakhouse and Putien can't wait to greet you in parallel to the other boutiques that are still in the works.

A special space for lovers of the Japanese luxury automotive brand Lexus also has an astonishing display where one can purchase exclusive merchandise and be the first to experience and get updated on Lexus' latest models and concept cars.

Mitsukoshi Lexus' corner

To know more about the biggest Japanese retail store in the Philippines, Mitsukoshi BGC, visit


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