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Being a good son, and a great architect

JUDGING from the way Japanese homes and cities work, it’s almost as if Japanese architects see spaces — and the very idea of what spaces are, or do — differently than most people do.

Paul Noritake Tange has a very distinguished pedigree. His education alone deserves some mention: he has a master’s degree in Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. But then, it might all be a matter of genetics: his father was Kenzo Tange, the designer of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, winner of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, and designer of Japan’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium. His son Paul, who delivered a presentation for Philippine audiences on Sept. 7, meanwhile, designed the Tokyo Aquatics Center for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — two Olympic structures then stand in the same city, from different generations of the same family.